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Pengaruh Komitmen organisasi terhadap Keinginan Berpindah Karyawan ” X”


This research is intended to determine which  teaching methods is liked  by the students and their perceptions what teaching methods have  significant,  effect their exzamination

Tthe six lecture  method,  usually  are (1) preaching method,(2) discussion, (3) Demonstration, (4) Preaching the answer questions and duty, (5) preaching plus discussion and duty, (6) preaching plus demonstration and drill. analyzed by using comparision analysis between averages by using analisis of variace (ANOVA) one way classificatiohn and so analyzis to six teaching method have significally with value students in Faculty of Economics Tarumanagara University by using from the F Test. It’s required the significant result which six teaching method than evaluation students.

The result of this research need to obtain attention from lecturers for use the right teaching method.


The teaching methods, analysis of variance, student value


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